PM Modi Accuses Congress of Opposing India\'s Global Influence During Rajasthan Rally

New Delhi, Jodhpur: While India’s voice is being heard all over the world today, the Congress has a problem with it, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday.

Speaking during a rally in poll-bound Rajasthan, Modi accused the Congress of opposing Bharat in its pursuit to oppose the BJP.

The Prime Minister laid the foundation stone and inaugurated development works worth nearly Rs 5,000 crore during an event in Jaipur.

Later, attacking the Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot-led government over corruption, the Prime Minister said the paper leak mafia in the state had ruined the future of lakhs of youth, who are now demanding justice.

The Prime Minister also mentioned the ‘red diary’ — referring to sacked Rajasthan minister Rajendra Gudha’s claims about a diary containing details about the financial transactions of Gehlot.

“It has a record of every act of corruption by the Congress in the state. A BJP government will have to be formed in the state to expose it,” he said.

Modi alleged that the Congress-led state government has made Rajasthan top in the country in terms of corruption and riots. “The BJP government at the Center is making every effort towards developing Rajasthan, but it is very sad to see the situation here. The Congress has made Rajasthan the top state in the country in terms of corruption, riots, and atrocities against women and Dalits,” the Prime Minister alleged.

He claimed that in its five years, the Congress government did not take a single step forward and their power politics continues all the time. "The Congress, which had promised unemployment allowance during the election, handed over the youth to the paper leak mafia. The BJP government will take strict action against such paper leak mafia," he said.

“The BJP aims to make Rajasthan the top state in the tourism sector and will take development to every corner upon forming the government,” Modi stated.
“The Congress neither cares about the farmers nor soldiers. They can't see anything except being in power. The Congress loves its vote bank more than the interests of the people," he said.

The rally, organised in Gehlot’s Sardarpura Assembly constituency, was Modi’s third rally within two weeks in the state.

The Prime Minister stated that stories of India's influence are being heard from across the world — from America to Singapore to Japan — but the Congress does not like it and is sad.

"While opposing the BJP, the Congress has started opposing Bharat. Today India's voice is being heard all over the world. But, the Congress has a problem with this. The BJP government made India the fifth largest economic power, up from the 10th rank. But the Congress has an issue with this as well. It is a Modi guarantee that in a few years, the country's economy reaches the third rank," he said.

Modi promised that if the BJP forms the government in Rajasthan, it will bring jobs, wipe out the paper leak mafia and take development to every corner of the state.

Taking a dig at Gehlot, the Prime Minister said, “Gehlot was missing from the government programme because he was confident that everything would be fine if Modi visited".

"You all have heard about Red Diary. People say that every black act of corruption of the Congress is recorded in this red diary. If you want the secret of this red diary to come out, then it is necessary to form a BJP government in the state," he said.

Modi also hit out at the Congress and its alliance partners over the women's reservation bill. "A few days ago, the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam was passed in the Parliament. However, this has exposed the Congress’ leaders and its arrogant alliance. These people were never in support of women's reservations. Which is why after this bill was passed, they have become nervous," he said.

He further noted that the Congress and its allies are unable to understand how Modi fulfilled this guarantee given to the sisters.

“These people do not know that if it is a Modi guarantee, it will be fulfilled,” the Prime Minister stated.

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