BJP drops bombshell on BRS, Congress

BL Santosh says BJP will be part of next Telangana government

Hyderabad: The BJP appears to have begun making plans to be part of the next government in Telangana, predicting a hung Assembly after the state polls.

“This much is certain, the BJP will be part of the government. Since Congress and the BRS know they cannot get a majority on their own, they are wooing the AIMIM. Both need the Razakar party, both are keeping MIM in good humour,” BJP general secretary, organisation, B.L. Santosh declared, giving a massive morale boost to party leaders and workers who attended the BJP state council meeting.

He declared that neither the BRS nor the Congress would cross the magic figure of 60 seats in the 119-seat Assembly and said both relied on the AIMIM, which he called the “Razakar party.”

Calling on the party not to pay heed to surveys and polls pointing to a victory either for the Congress or the BRS, Santosh said, “You will see such reports only in the ‘mobilised media’.” He added that election choices were made months in advance but just a few days before polling.

“What you need to do,” he told his party leaders and workers, “is humanise what the Modi government did for Telangana. Don’t go around saying he gave Rs7 lakh crore. Tell people what their mandal or village got from the Modi government.”

“Leave the rest to the people and God. You do your work, and the party will decide who the next Chief Minister is. All the work you have done so far is one part, now begins the real work..”

Santosh told the meeting that both Telangana and West Bengal Chief Ministers were acting in a similar manner, abusing their power and using the police to stifle opposing voices.

The day-long meeting was addressed by party president J.P. Nadda, state party president G. Kishan Reddy, senior party leaders Prakash Javadekar, Tarun Chugh, D.K. Aruna, Bandi Sanjay Kumar and Etala Rajendar, among others.

The meeting decided that BJP, which planned a series of public meetings – 40 by one account, which will be addressed by Union ministers Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, Nitin Gadkari along with UP Chief Minister Yogi Adiyanath —will also have its cadres begin knocking on doors and hitting the streets.

While the schedule has not been finalised, party officials said Amit Shah will be addressing two public meetings, one in Adilabad and the second likely in Rajendranagar, on October 10, while Rajnath Singh will address two meetings on October 21, venues for which are yet to be fixed.

Kishan Reddy in his address, said BJP workers have to fulfil the aspirations of the people by bringing the party to power. “I am confident, after Modi’s two recent meetings, we will now go house to house with increased confidence, meet every individual, and touch their hearts. People have faith in Modi’s leadership and are ready to bless the BJP.”

He also said the AIMIM, “descendant of the Razakars,” have no regard for Bharat Mata and Hindu deities. Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao and BRS leaders had become slaves to the Owaisi family, he said.

“The Razakar MIM controls the steering and we have to liberate the state. Today, we take an oath that we will liberate the state once again from the Razakars and the Owaisi-controlled state government and usher in a democratic Telangana.”

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