Minister Alleges TD Conspiring to Ignite Riots in Andhra Pradesh

Vijayawada: AP civil supplies minister Karumuri Venkata Nageswara Rao on Friday alleged that Telugu Desam Party is hatching a conspiracy to create riots in Andhra Pradesh in a bid to divert people’s attention from part supremo N. Chandrababu Naidu’s involvement in the skill scam.

He claimed that ever since the former chief minister’s arrest and jailing on charges of embezzling Rs 371 crore, TD has been conspiring to create unrest in the state by disturbing law and order. But people are distrusting the claims that Naidu is innocent.

The minister said in the past, Chandrababu had got stays in 20 cases against him. This way, he prevented investigations from taking place against him. But Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has forgotten all about this. The actor is now criticising YSRC government on a daily basis in an attempt to support Naidu.
The minister maintained that Lokesh’s camping in Delhi has turned out to be a big failure, as he has not received response from anyone in the national capital in support of Naidu. “They all know how corrupt Naidu is,” he remarked.

Citing the meetings Naidu’s community has been holding after the former CM’s arrest, Nageswara Rao said they are trying to spread a false propaganda that Chandrababu has been arrested unjustly. He pointed out that as the then chief minister, had himself put his signature at 13 places to ensure that funds could be siphoned off.

The minister said crores are being spent by the TD chief on lawyers in courts. This goes to show the extent to which Chandrababu has looted public money. He underlined that Naidu has been remanded to judicial custody only after court has believed that Chandrababu has done something wrong.

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