Fly the Tricolour on watchtowers, village burjs: Kishan Reddy

Amit Shah will be the second Union home minister after Union home minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to attend Liberation Day celebrations

Hyderabad: Union home minister Amit Shah will be the second Union home minister to attend Hyderabad Liberation Day celebrations on September 17 after the first Union home minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in 1948, according to Union minister G. Kishan Reddy, who on Monday urged people to fly the Tricolour on the burjs (watchtowers) in all villages in Telangana.

The state will commemorate Hyderabad Liberation Day for the entire year starting on September 17 in order to remember the martyrs who sacrificed their lives while fighting the Nizam and Razakars. The Telangana people experienced humiliation, harassment, and physical abuse against women during the Razakars. During the Nizam era, thousands of women committed suicide as a result of being harassed by Razakars, said Kishan Reddy.

The minister appealed to the people to participate in a big way as the state government failed to celebrate September 17 as Telangana Liberation Day. At the time of India's independence, there were 565 Sansthans. Nizam was the ruler of Hyderabad Samsthan, one of the 565 in the county.

Five districts from Maharashtra, three from Karnataka, and eight from Telangana made up the former Hyderabad state. During the Nizam era, each of these districts was referred to as Hyderabad Samsthan, the Union minister explained.

With the help of Vallabhbhai Patel, the Hyderabad State was merged with the Indian Union 13 months after the nation gained independence on August 15. After admitting defeat, the Nizam declared an end to his dynasty. "Thousands of martyrs gave their lives in the process of merger, and several villages had watchtowers built to look out for advancing Razakars. Now is the moment to fly the National Flag atop watchtowers in Telangana villages to commemorate Hyderabad Liberation Day,” he said.

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