BJP dismisses KCR\'s plans to enter national politics

HYDERABAD: The BJP on Tuesday dismissed Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao’s plans to get into national politics, saying, “There is a long queue of national leaders in Delhi who would want to establish an alternative government at the national level, KCR can join the queue.”

BJP general secretary and Telangana affairs in-charge Tarun Chugh, in a statement, said, “I think KCR is talking about national politics because he realises that he has no place in Telangana. When the people of Telangana have decided to say ‘good bye’ to KCR, how could he think that Delhi would welcome him?”

Chugh took aim at the Chief Minister on the promise of free electricity supply to farmers nationwide, saying, “It appears that after submerging the Telangana discoms in deep debts, the Chief Minister wants to do the same thing at the national level.”

He said the allegation that the Centred wants meters to be fixed for agricultural pump sets as “Highly misleading and ridiculous. No one is talking about fixing motors to farm pumps, but KCR in every meeting talks about it. He thinks that if a lie is repeated, people would believe it. But people are intelligent enough to discern between a lie and a fact.”

Meanwhile, state BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar said the Chief Minister should explain why the power generation and distribution companies in Telangana were in losses, and own up to the dues the government owes these utilities before making grand promises of providing free power to all farmers in the country. Sanjay said Telangana discoms were groaning under losses because the government had hot paid its dues to them.

Sanjay, at a meeting of the BJP SC Morcha leaders, urged them to inform the people in Munugode about the government's failures. He said the fall of the TRS government would begin with the ruling party’s loss in Munugode bypoll. “Tell people how Dalits have been neglected by this government, and no promise made to them has been kept by the government. In contrast, the Narendra Modi government has been implementing several development measures for Dalits. Inform people about how the BJP cares and works for them more than the TRS has ever done,” Sanjay said at the meeting.

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