Is Rajinikanth taking over the AIADMK?

Talk of actor joining party going on for weeks.

Chennai: Is Rajinikanth taking over the AIADMK? The buzzing news is growing in the political circles here as sources insist that the post-Jayalalitha convulsions in the AIADMK could throw up its biggest jolt in the next couple of weeks with the superstar joining the party and almost immediately getting crowned as its leader, even if not the Chief Minister.

The talk of Rajinikanth joining the AIADMK has been going on for the last few weeks now, particularly among the second-rung leaders in the ruling party as also in media corridors.

The climax happened during an interesting interview on the popular Puthiya Thalaimurai TV channel with editor Karthigaichelvan asking the state Tamil development and culture minister Mafoi K. Pandiarajan to comment on the persistent rumours of the Superstar getting close to the ruling party.

The journalist, in particular, wanted to know how the minister viewed the oft-repeated promise by Rajinikanth that he would deliver the 'good rule of MGR' to the people of Tamil Nadu. “Who knows, he may even come to us”, quipped Pandiarajan in reply.

The editor pressed further-”Will he come to your party for alliance?” The AIADMK minister did not hesitate in replying: “It could be alliance, he could even join us”.

Social media was afire with Mafoi’s seemingly strong confirmation of what was being speculated for some time in the political circles. True, there have been reports that the superstar is working hard on putting together a team of trusted lieutenants to launch a political party with loyalists at booth level; but then, it was also said that the logistics and massive investment by way of money and human resources appeared daunting.

An said informed source, “It would be a humongous task for Rajini to launch a political party and build up the cadre-base in time for the next elections. He cannot skip the Lok Sabha elections saying it happened too soon for him to be ready. And it would take huge amount of resources to get the army ready for the next Assembly polls; things will get tougher if the state polls are advanced to take place along with the Parliament election next year. Best scenario for the superstar would be getting the AIADMK with its huge cadre-base delivered to him on a platter. You may perhaps expect liberal help towards this coming from the BJP and the Centre”.

It is still unclear how the AIADMK top brass has taken Mafoi’s bombshell on the TV channel. However, the state cooperation minister Sellur Raju has come up with a sample of the sullen feelings.

“Anybody is welcome to join our party as an ordinary cadre, but there is no place in the AIADMK if someone wants to come in straightaway as the leader. One must work his way up through hard work and loyalty towards the party”, he said when asked if Mafoi's statement could mean that the ruling party might soon have the Superstar as its leader.

Political observers point out that Rajinikanth has been soft towards the AIADMK government during the last few weeks, ducking even when the media asked for his response to the I-T raids and other related corruption scams that the Opposition got shrill about.

“It is an interesting situation. Something big is emerging, you can be sure of that”, said an informed source. “In any case, Rajini is most likely to come out with a decisive announcement in a couple of weeks. We must wait and see if it is the launch of a new party, or joining up the AIADMK”.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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