Bengaluru: BJP assures curbs on commercialisation

If the government implements the existing laws, then the city will get its breathing space, says Mr. Yeddyurappa.

Bengaluru: Bharatiya Janata Party manifesto has called for introduction of Japanese style zoning system in Bengaluru to preserve residential areas, strengthen public transport system by introducing more buses and expanding metro and rail network.

The manifesto, released by former chief minister and senior BJP leader B.S. Yeddyurappa on Friday, stated that they will double the fleet of BMTC buses, expand metro rail and suburban train services, adaptive traffic management system, and many other measures to ease the city’s mobility woes.

It stated that if the party forms the government, it will introduce Zoning system, where there would no option to convert residential areas for commercial use.

Umesh P, an architect with a well known company and also an urban planner, said though the manifesto talks about Japanese zoning system, but at the same time it mentions that certain part of the residential areas can be opened up for commercial purpose and this doesn't make sense.

“The city has already grown and now it is difficult to remove commercialisation of residential areas. All these things should have been planned at least 15 years ago and now it is too late,” he added.

“If the government implements the existing laws, then the city will get its breathing space. They need to implement the rules and laws strictly to save the city. Take the example of the buildings and houses. They are constructed next to each other with little space. While in Japanese zoning, there should be certain amount of space for ventilation and natural light, but now this concept cannot be implemented in the city, which has not grown in a planned manner,” Umesh said.

To BJP manifesto assures speeding up of metro and suburban rail networks. Urban mobility and rail expert Sanjeev Dyammananavar said, “It is good that the political parties want to improve the transport system by extending the metro and sub-urban railway network. But the work needs to be done in a faster pace. The airport was opened 10 years ago and still there is no mass public transport connectivity. There should be paid parking in central business district to discourage people from bringing their private vehicles and this will help in curbing the road side parking. The sub-urban rail is long pending and it needs to be worked out and implemented across the city to reduce traffic congestion.”

He said the people should be encouraged to use public transport and reduce the usage of private vehicles. However, many wonder how many issues mentioned in the manifesto will be actually implemented.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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