Congress exploits AI to predict voter preferences

Hyderabad: The Congress has outdone the BRS in using artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology for effective campaigning during the recent Assembly polls. While BRS working president K.T. Rama Rao has the image of being tech savvy, the party lagged behind the Congress in deploying hi-tech.

Party sources said that the Congress' resonant slogan " Maarpu Kavali Congress Ravali" was also decided upon using prediction models using AI. The prediction model helps in determining the probability of a voter being influenced by a particular party, candidate or a slogan. Factors such as demographics, voting patterns and issues that matter will be considered to devise these prediction models that help to influence the voters in favour of a particular party.

While the BRS heavily relied on conventional campaigning methods such as public meetings, roadshows and election songs, the Congress used advanced technologies such as AI, predictive modelling and social media platforms.

The Congress used social media platforms extensively to build political narratives against the BRS. It used AI to analyse the trends and sentiment to build a social media outreach program, as per the voters’ preferences. Using AI technologies, it identified topics for campaigns and discussions against the BRS, sources added.

The Congress used AI for effective campaign management. This helped in managing and optimising campaign operations like scheduling, budgeting and allocation of resources. The AI was also used to track and measure the impact of campaign activities. Other parts of the campaign, like speech and sentiment analysis, were also done using AI. The advanced technologies helped strengthen the party's performance, identifying weak points and take corrective measures.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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