YSRC targets TD via Rayalaseema Garjana

ANANTAPUR: YSRC targets TD and its feeder organisations through Rayalaseema Garjana to gain political support from the region by taking a clear stand on three-capitals and the decades-old Sribagh Pact.

The TD had ignored all recommendations under the Sribagh Pact that favored decentralization and was also called the 'Elderly’s Agreement' for priority to the backward region, and stood firm on Amaravati as the state capital.

The Rayalaseema Garjana meeting will be held at STBC College Grounds in Kurnool on Monday, for which the YSRC has made elaborate arrangements.

With chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy taking a clear stand on having the judiciary’s capital in Kurnool as part of the three-capitals formula, the party was getting positive response from all sections of the people. The pro-Rayalaseema organisations took a dig and created an embarrassing situation during TD chief Chandrababu Naidu's recent visit in Kurnool district.

The Rayalaseema organisations and advocates had tried to fix Naidu by demanding that he announce his party’s stand on the high court plan for Kurnool. Naidu’s tour turned Kurnool tense and Naidu had to announce that he had proposed a high court bench for Kurnool.

However, the YSRC plans to gain additional advantage through the Rayalaseema Garjana in Kurnool. Government adviser Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy urged leaders in Rayalaseema to make the garjana a success by targeting the TD and the Jana Sena.

Sources said Rayalaseema region will play a key role in the next general elections because fight was between the TD and YSRC.

The YSRC concentrated its attention on mobilising huge crowds for the Garjana as all MLAs, MPs and leaders from Rayalaseema were involved in the programme.

Finance minister B Rajendranath Reddy observed that the people of Rayalaseema are aware of the anti-Rayalaseema policies of the Telugu Desam party. "Mr.Chandrabu had faced protests over his negative stand on the high court in Kurnool and still he wants Amaravati as capital with no development of Rayalaseema," Reddy stated.

Anantapur MLA Ananta Venkatrami Reddy said the people of Rayalaseema are ready to teach Naidu a lesson once again. "He is ignoring the entire state and only concentrating attention on 60 villages near Amaravati for real estate trade," he alleged.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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