Properties of KCR family will be seized if BJP is elected to power, says Bandi Sanjay

Karimnagar: The Karimnagar MP and BJP nominee for assembly polls here, Bandi Sanjay Kumar, has said all the properties of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and his family members will be seized by the government if the BJP is elected to power in the present elections.

“We will also seize from KCR and his family all the money that was looted in the name of commissions under the BRS rule. The Medigadda barrage and all the other projects of Kaleshwaram including the Mallanasagar project, constructed under the BRS government by investing more than one lakh crore of public money, are in danger of collapse,” he said while speaking to the media on Sunday.

“It is shameful to hear from BRS leaders that the official report on the Medigadda barrage was prepared at the behest of the BJP. Why is KCR not responding to these reports about the damage to the Medigadda barrage? He is busy with black magic and mixing after-prayer materials into the Kaleshwaram water. He is not finding time to inspect the barrage,” Sanjay said.

He asked, “The central expert team gave the report after an inspection of the barrage. How can the BRS leaders find fault with it? Does (minister) Rama Rao have the guts to visit Medigadda? Let him and his father come there. I am also ready to go there along with irrigation experts, study the problems, and explain facts to the people.”

On state politics, Sanjay said he had information that all the elders of the Muslim minority had met AICC leader Rahul Gandhi and urged him not to make PCC chief Revanth Reddy the CM if the Congress won the polls.

He said the BJP cared for the BCs. “It is the BJP that formed the BC commission and gave 27 Union minister posts to OBC leaders. Unlike other parties, the BJP leadership has announced that a BC leader will be made the chief minister of Telangana state.”

The BRS and Congress parties betrayed the BCs. They did not allow even 20 per cent of the MLA tickets to the BCs, who comprise more than 55 per cent of the TS population. Both these parties must apologise to the BC communities, he said.

He appealed to all the BJP workers to attend the BC Atma Gourava Sabha, which would be addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Hyderabad on Nov 7. “I shall file my nomination on Nov 6 for contest in the Karimnagar assembly segment,” he said.

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