BJP releases charge sheet against BRS

Hyderabad: The BJP’s chargesheet committee has come out with a list of failures of the BRS with regard to farmers, people of the Dalit, tribals, and BC communities, women, Singareni collieries and government employees as well as the education and health sectors.

The BJP alleged that corruption has plagued the state and that the sand, granite, land, drug, and liquor mafias were all-powerful. It also cited the case of the damage to the Kaleshwaram scheme, for which the cost was increased from Rs 40,000 crore to Rs 1,40,000 crore with an eye on commissions.

The charge sheet said programmes like Kalyan Lakshmi, Dalit Bandhu, and 2BHKs had BRS MLAs, MLCs, and leaders bagging 30 per cent commissions. It said BRS MLC K. Kavitha was involved in the Delhi liquor scam in cahoots with the Delhi government. “Once the investigation is completed the KCR family will be lodged in jail,” it said.

The chargesheet said the Dharani portal had become a revenue source for BRS leaders.

On farmers, it said, 7,800 farmers ended their lives. The BJP said the BRS had promised to irrigate one lakh acres in each constituency but in many cases, water had not reached a single acre. The 24-hour power supply promise had not been kept.

It said that BRS president and Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao had failed to keep his promise of making a Dalit community leader the CM and had failed to give the community the promised three acres of land. The SC Sub Plan funds had remained unspent or were diverted.

The 12 per cent reservation for tribals and distribution of Podu lands had not been taken up, the BJP chargesheet said. The promised Girijan Bandhu was not implemented. The promised Rs 25,000 crores for the comprehensive development of BCs was not allocated.

On the education front, free and compulsory KG to PG was not implemented. While the government claims established of medical colleges in each district they were set up in old godowns and government offices.

Women had not received interest-free loans, and the promises of Mahila banks and Mahila University were not kept. Having promised a job per household the BRS government had failed to hold exams and those held were hit by leaks and court cases. Promises made to RTC employees were also not kept.

The promised employment on compassionate grounds in Singareni was not kept along with establishing NIMS for workers.

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