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Karimnagar: Development work major challenge for zilla parishad chiefs

Deccan Chronicle| Puli Sharat Kumar

Published on: July 4, 2019 | Updated on: July 4, 2019

Meanwhile, the state government has introduced many welfare schemes for the well-being of various sections of the people.

 Dasa Vasantha Jagtial ZP

Dasa Vasantha Jagtial ZP

KARIMNAGAR: A daunting task lies ahead for the four newly elected chairpersons of the zilla parishads. Kanumalla Vijaya of Karimnagar ZP, Nyalakonda Aruna of Rajann Sircilla ZP, Dasa Vasantha of Jagtial ZP and Putta Madhu of Peddapalli ZP. All four chairpersons will be taking charge on July 5.

The challenges include working out of temporary offices, as apart from the Karimnagar zilla parishad, none of the other ZPs have been allotted permanent offices. In Rajanna Sircilla district, the Sircilla mandal parishad office has been allotted for establishing the ZP office whereas in Peddapalli district, the office building of revenue divisional officer has been allotted as the new ZP office; in Jagtial district, the office of the animal husbandry department has been allotted as the new ZP office.

Kanumalla Vijayay Karimnagar ZPKanumalla Vijayay Karimnagar ZP

The most difficult challenge facing the new chairpersons is to get the developmental work done in the zillas, despite the fact that the Centre had stopped allocating funds to the ZPs five years back. Besides, as the Centre was allotting the funds directly to the village panchayats through the 14th  Finance Commission, it would become difficult for the newly elected ZP chairpersons to make the government sanction separate funds for the development to take place effectively under their respective territorial constituencies.

Putta Madhu Peddapalli ZPPutta Madhu Peddapalli ZP

Meanwhile, the state government has introduced many welfare schemes for the well-being of various sections of the people. There are allegations by the people that many irregularities have been taking place in the implementation of the schemes introduced for weaker sections under the zilla and mandal parishad territorial constituencies.

Nyalakonda Aruna Rajanna Sircilla ZPNyalakonda Aruna Rajanna Sircilla ZP

Another major issue that the new ZPs will have to deal with is the lack of permanent staff in their offices. The zilla parishad staff play a key role in identifying the real beneficiaries so that all the welfare schemes that are introduced by the government reach the correct beneficiaries.

Around 45 members of staff would be required for one ZP office. One chief executive officer, one deputy CEO, one administration officer, five superintendents, 20 senior assistants, five junior assistants, one typist, one driver and 10 members. Along with these, one senior and junior assistant along with other staff would be required in the newly formed MPP offices in all the four districts.

After the re-organisation of the districts, many employees have been transferred on the basis of ‘Order to Serve’ to the newly formed districts. But they could well be transferred once again, leaving the ZPs in the lurch.

Lack of permanent and sufficient staff may hinder the developmental activities under ZP and MP Territorial constituencies.  

Meanwhile in Nizamsagar ZPTC member Dafedar Shobha will be the first ZP chairperson of Kamareddy district.

Her husband Dafedar Raju was the last ZP chairman of undivided Nizamabad. Makloor ZPTC member D.Vittal Rao is the Nizamabad ZP chairman and Rajitha Yadav is Yedapally vice chairperson.

After the bifurcation of Nizamabad district, two zilla parishad's were formed in Nizamabad and Kamareddy districts respectively.

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