BJP only party to uphold national unity: Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao said Prime Minister Narendra Modi would address lakhs of party workers on Wednesday to mark BJP Foundation Day

HYDERABAD: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) claimed that it was the only political party in the country that had taken upon itself the mantle of upholding the nation’s unity and dismissed all other political parties as either dynastic or family run. Senior BJP leader P. Muralidhar Rao on Tuesday claimed that his party was the only one that talked about national unity taking the message even to its grassroots workers, adding, “Without the BJP, you cannot imagine national unity.”

Speaking to reporters on the eve of the party’s Foundation Day on April 6, he said Prime Minister Narendra Modi would address lakhs of party workers on Wednesday to mark the occasion. He said the BJP was the only party whose leaders had not been tainted by corruption or nepotism. “There is no other lamp post in India other than the BJP. The presence and vibrancy of the BJP is an important marker for democracy in India. All other parties are either dynastic or family run,” he said.

The senior BJP leader also slammed the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) government and the Chief Minister over the issue of Centre procuring rice and asked if the Central government had not been purchasing rice from the state, why was the TRS government and the Chief Minister silent over the past seven years.

“This is a government of brokers. The goal of this government is to push farmers into distress and then have its brokers exploit farmers. The Chief Minister rushes to Delhi every now and then to divert the attention of the people here in the state from pressing issues, and to try and gain some foothold among opposition parties. His entire campaign is to project the situation as a Telangana versus Centre battle in an attempt to regain sympathy exploiting the sentiments of people of Telangana,” Muralidhar Rao said.

The BJP, he said, would not allow such exploitation of the people and as a democratic and true peoples’ party, and would take on the family rule of the TRS in Telangana. “We will herald good governance in the state and will not stop until we reach that goal,” he said.

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