Supporters Cheer Deputy CM DK Shivakumar\'s Chief Minister Ambitions

DHARWAD: Just one day after Chief Minister Siddaramaiah announced his intention to extend his tenure, supporters of Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar demonstrated unwavering support, enthusiastically chanting slogans in favor of 'Future CM DK Shivakumar' upon his arrival on Friday.

Shivakumar touched down at Hubballi Airport, en route to the 'Karnataka Sambhrama-50' festivities in Gadag, where he was warmly received by party workers near Nalavadi village. They showered him with flowers and resounded the atmosphere with slogans praising the Congress party. However, as the excitement escalated, some of them could be heard shouting, 'Future CM Shivakumar avarige Jai.'

Both the Deputy CM and the CM actively participated in the 'Karnataka Sambhrama-50' event in Gadag. They shared the dais and later engaged in a press conference.

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