Not answerable to KCR: Bandi

\'PM Modi has given all the answers to the people of the state during his address at Sunday’s public meeting,\' Sanjay said

HYDERABAD: The Bharatiya Janata Party on Monday made it clear that its leaders are not answerable to Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao and would not take into cognizance his demands for answers to questions he poses.

State BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar, addressing the media at Novotel Hotel’s HICC complex, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given all the answers to the people of the state during his address at Sunday’s public meeting.

Sanjay was at the hotel to see off BJP president J.P. Nadda, who was in the city with the rest of the BJP’s top leadership for the two-day national executive meeting of the party, and the public meeting addressed by Modi.

Sanjay said, “We are dedicating the national executive meeting to the people of the state. And the Opposition to KCR was there for all to see at Sunday’s public meeting.”

On the demand from the Chief Minister that Modi answer his questions, Sanjay shot back: “Is KCR our boss? Who is KCR? Kaun kiska? If KCR asks, should answers be given to him? If people are asking questions, then Modi has given the answers on what has been given by the Centre to the state and the people of Telangana. Modi, clearly, with full clarity, told what the Centre is giving, and about welfare programmes being implemented.”

He also said that there was also no criticism in Modi’s speech. “What we need is development of the state, and its people, and not criticism for the sake of criticism,” he said, and added that Union minister Amit Shah too made it clear, several times, how much the Centre has provided for the state.

Sanjay also said that it should, in reality, be “Chandrashekar Rao who should be giving answers to the people of the state one why he is running around the country, why salaries to government employees are not being paid on time, why the benefits are not being paid, why he keeps borrowing more money and is piling up loans on the state.”

“People are laughing at him, seeing him run around the country. KCR is hiding from the people of Telangana as he is unable to show his face to them,” he said.

“If the Chief Minister had questions, why did he run away with his tail between his legs when we called him to debate with us?” Sanjay asked.

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