SC verdicts in Tamil: DMK wants govt to adopt resolution in House

\'The Supreme Court stands on the side of federalism which is enshrined in the Constitution and it is a thing of joy,\' Stalin said.

Chennai: DMK leader M K Stalin Thursday demanded that the state government adopt a resolution seeking translation of Supreme Court judgments in Tamil as well with reports emerging that the apex court was for translating its judgments into vernacular languages.

Responding to the leader of the opposition's demand in the state assembly, Law Minister C Ve Shanmugam assured steps towards it but made it clear that going in for a resolution may appear as mounting pressure on the judiciary and advocated a wait and watch approach.

A day after news reports emerged that the top court was for translation of its judgments into vernacular languages for the benefit of people and litigants, Stalin welcomed it in the House but expressed disappointment that the list did not include Tamil.

"The Supreme Court stands on the side of federalism which is enshrined in the Constitution and it is a thing of joy," Stalin said.

An opportunity has now emerged to get the verdicts of the top court in five Indian languages including Kannada and Telugu, he said.

It, was, however, disappointing that the list does not include Tamil which is among the languages featured in the Eight Schedule to the Constitution, he added.

A resolution should be passed in the House to urge translation of Supreme Court judgments in Tamil as well like other languages, he said.

Recalling an assembly resolution of 2006 during the DMK rule to urge making Tamil the court language of Madras High Court, he wanted a repeat of the same exercise for the same cause.

Responding, Shanmugam said there could be no second opinion that the apex court judgments should also be made available in Tamil.

"The Tamil Nadu government will soon take steps to reflect the sentiments of the members of the House to the notice of the Supreme Court so that its judgments are also translated into Tamil," he assured.

Citing news reports, he said in the first phase the top court's judgments will be translated in six languages--Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi Assamese and Odiya.

"It is not said that the judgments will not be available in other languages," he said, adding in the first phase these six languages were included.

Citing the Supreme Court website, the minister said these languages were chosen after taking into account the high number of cases filed from states where such languages were spoken.

On the demand for making Tamil the official language in the Madras High Court, Shanmugam said it was a long time demand in Tamil Nadu which was pursued by late leader J Jayalalithaa when she was the Chief Minister.

Recalling the efforts made by her in 2013 and 2015, the minister said a full bench of the Supreme Court years ago did not accept the plea.

Now, the Centre has apprised Tamil Nadu government in a letter that the plea will be once again submitted in the Supreme Court, the minister said.

"For sure Amma's government will take all steps to make Tamil an official language in the Madras High Court," he said.

When Stalin said since the views of the ruling and opposition parties converged on the issue, it will be better if a resolution was adopted on the matter.

Shanmugam said Supreme Court Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi is for making the judgments available in all Indian languages.

"When that is the case, if we adopt a resolution, it may appear as mounting pressure and as interference, let us hence wait and see for some time, this is my view...steps will be taken by consulting the Chief Minister," he said.

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