Telugus in Karnataka told not to vote for BJP & JDS

BJP Floor leader in AP Assembly Mr. P Vishnu Kumar Raju too echoed a similar opinion.

VIJAYAWADA: An interesting appeal is making the rounds on various social media platforms asking Telugus in Karnataka not to vote for BJP and also Deve Gowda’s JDS which is said to have an understanding with the saffron party in the upcoming polls.

Polls to 225 seats in the Karnataka Assembly are slated to be held on May 12 and the results will be out by May 18. Invoking the Telugu pride and self-respect the appeal says that BJP had denied Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh and a befitting lesson needed to be taught to the party in the Karnataka polls.

Both BJP and JDS seem to be worried as Telugus are a sizeable part of Karnataka’s population with leads in around 20 assembly constituencies. 1/3rd population in Bengaluru are Telugus. In a neck to neck fight, a few seats may decide the fate of a party.

While the ruling Congress has been going all out to ensure to retain the power, BJP has been playing all tricks possible to bounce back. Karna-taka polls are crucial for both Congress and BJP, but especially to BJP which is trying to have a strong foothold in the south. BJP considers Karnataka as its gateway to the southern states.

“BJP had shamed Andhra like none did before. If BJP wins in Karnataka it will be the first stone of Andhra's tomb. Every vote of yours will be the respect you give to your self-respect. Keeping aside all the other interests for this time work for the defeat of BJP in these elections. All of you please spread this message among your known people and associates,”read the appeal in Telugu.

The appeal further asked Telugu voters not to vote for JDS which had an understanding with the saffron party.

“Any vote to JDS means indirectly voting for BJP. If we vote for BJP and JDS means we are cooperating with them for the destruction of Andhra Pradesh. We should teach a lesson to BJP’s false north Indian pride by working for its defeat in Karnataka polls. Telugus are the deciding factor in at least 40 Assembly constituencies in Karna-taka,” said the appeal.

BJP MLA and former minister Pydikondala Ma-nikyala Rao had said that TD had sent some special teams to Karnataka to work against the BJP and for its defeat. However, Rao said BJP will win the Karnataka polls with thumping majority.

BJP Floor leader in AP Assembly Mr. P Vishnu Kumar Raju too echoed a similar opinion.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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