Governor Vala disapproves disrespect shown to centenarian freedom fighter

Having heard these sympathetic words, Congress drops its dharna in the Assembly

Bengaluru: BJP MLA Basanagouda Patil Yatnal’s allegedly derogatory remarks against centenarian freedom fighter H S Doreswamy have won him the displeasure of Karnataka governor Vajubhai Vala.

While receiving a Congress delegation that came to complain about Yatna on Wednesday, Vala made his views known clearly: “The BJP member should respect the age and experience of Mr Doreswamy. He should not make such remarks against a centenarian freedom fighter.”

The remarks attributed to Yatnal were uttered during Constitution Day celebrations in Vijayapura. Yatnal remarked that “there are many freedom fighters in this country, and one is staying in Bengaluru. Doreswamy behaves like a Pakistan agent. He is a fake freedom fighter and makes statements in favour of Pakistan,” Yatnal said during the meeting.

Having disrupted business in the Assembly for two days over the disrespect shown to Doreswamy, a Congress delegation went to Raj Bhavan today to submit a memorandum to the governor to request him to prevail upon the speaker to expel Yatnal from the Assembly.

In the memo, leader of the delegation Siddaramaiah stated that Yatnal, by showing disrespect to the freedom fighter, violated the provisions of the Constitution and therefore his actions amounted to misconduct as per House rules.

Siddaramaiah also pointed out that the chief minister and speaker have promised a discussion in the Assembly on the issue should the Congress give notice of it. The Congress did so, and the speaker initially fixed a time for the debate on March 3. But in a turnaround, he later ruled the Congress notice as not maintainable.

The governor assured the Congress delegation he would examine the procedures of the legislature and the Constitution, and take an appropriate decision.

Based on the governor’s assurance, the Congress decided to withdraw its dharna in the Assembly. They participated in the day’s discussion on the Constitution.

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