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Declined Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister’s post: Kiren Rijiju

Published Mar 4, 2016, 4:40 pm IST
Updated Mar 4, 2016, 4:45 pm IST
Rijiju also appreciated newly appointed Chief Minister Kalikho Pul saying that he is not a selfish person.
Union Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju (Photo: PTI)
 Union Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju (Photo: PTI)

Itanagar: Union Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju on Friday said he was offered the post of Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh but he declined as he did not want to get involved in state politics.

"Chief Minister Kalikho Pul offered me the post first but I declined...He wanted me to lead the new government but I did not want to switch at this point of time because I have been given a mandate to represent people of the state in Parliament and I am doing my duty," he told reporters at the sidelines of an event at Rajiv Gandhi University at Doimukh, near here.


"I politely turned down the offer of Kalikho Pul and his team and said I don't want get involved in the state politics, so I declined to become the chief minister and said that I will not come back to the legislative assembly's affairs and I will continue to be in Delhi," he said.

Rijiju also appreciated Pul saying that he is not a selfish person.

He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had given him responsibility as a minister, which he had to discharge for the country and he would get the maximum benefit for Arunachal Pradesh.

The union minister was responding to media queries on allegations by Congress that he was the mastermind behind the political crisis in the state.


"The Congress was saying that we (Centre) imposed the President's Rule (in Arunachal Pradesh) because I wanted it.”

"In fact the MLAs and the Governor were unhappy with me because the Governor recommended central rule on the night when the Raj Bhawan was gheraoed on December 15. But we delayed it. We said let the state government handle the state affairs," Rijiju said.

"President's Rule was finally imposed on January 26 after the Cabinet recommended it on January 24," he said, adding the sequence of events was "opposite" of what had been said (by Congress).


"The Governor and the dissident group were unhappy with us because we did not agree to impose President Rule.”

"But when the Governor said his and his family's life were under threat and when for the second time the Raj Bhawan was gheroaed and the road was blocked, the Cabinet took the decision.”

"Initially we were reluctant as we were not interested in imposing it," he added.

Rijiju said he is not interested or involved in state affairs but only interested in the welfare of its people and asserted that all possible help would be provided by the Centre to the people of Arunachal Pradesh.


"Who became the chief minister and who runs the state is not important for me. I have been given mandate by the people and I care for them. Which party rules the state does not make any difference to me. My perception is my conduct," he said.

On rumours that he had appointed his brother-in-law as secretary to the Governor to gain political mileage, Rijiju said an IAS officer cannot be stopped from being appointed.

"I have not made any IAS officer. They must be appointed somewhere or the other. I have so far not appointed any OSD, PS or PA from my family. This is my principle," he said.


On whether there is possibility that the new Arunachal government would merge with BJP, he said he is not interested. "When I became MP, people across party line voted for me. I am not concerned for MLAs or parties. My concern is for the people of the state.”

"All ministers, including the former chief minister, tried their best to defeat me but people supported me. So my primary concern is people's welfare," Rijiju said.

On a query over the law and order scenario of the state, he said, "Law and order is a state subject and we (Centre) can only supplement. Whenever the state asks for necessary support of the central armed forces, we will provide."


The Centre, he said, is providing additional money specially for Tirap, Changlang and Longding districts. Money was also being provided to the state for modernisation of police forces, police stations and for procurement of arms and ammunitions.

"We will give extra money for other necessary requirements. For non-plan and capital expenditure which is required for the basic welfare of the Arunachal civil police, I want to extend best possible help to modernise state police," he added.

"There is nothing like special package...Whatever is required will come from the Centre. The government should submit proposals and we are ready to help," Rijiju said.


The union minister said besides normal budget he would try to get some extra for Arunachal.