No hike in Assembly seats, says K Chandrasekhar Rao

KCR blames Jairam for complicating the issue.

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Wednesday said that there was almost no chance of the Centre increasing Assembly seats in the Telugu states as was promised under the AP Reorganisation Act.

He said that the Prime Minister had met with him recently and told him that this change would require a constitutional amendment, the approval of which was a complicated process that could not be completed before the 2019 elections.

He was confident that the PM would approve the allotment of 12 percent quota to Muslims, as was recently passed by the state legislature.

He said that the PM was in favour of extending reservation on the basis of social, financial and educational need, and added that since the reservation for Muslims was being given on these grounds, no trouble was to be foreseen during approval of the TS Quota Act

Mr Rao accused Congress leader Jairam Ramesh of complicating the increase of Assembly seats.

“Due to Jairam Ramesh’s ignorance, the increase of Assembly seats has become complicated.” Mr Rao said.

He has drafted the Bill in such a manner that it requires a constitutional amendment,” Mr Rao added.

He added that he had told the Prime Minister that Telangana was already politically strong and that it had nothing to gain or lose from the number of Assembly seats being increased.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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