\'With your love, I have tried to unite the country\': Rahul writes letter to Amethi

Rahul also urged people of Amethi to vote him again as their MP and promised to push schemes for region as the party forms government.

Mumbai: Just a few days before the fifth phase of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Congress president Rahul Gandhi in a letter to the people of Amethi addressed them as his family. He also urged the people of his constituency to vote him again as their MP and promised to push schemes for the region as soon as the party forms government at the centre.

"Amethi is my family. My Amethi family gives me courage that I stand with the truth, that I can hear the pain of the poor and weak and raise my voice for them and to ensure equal justice for all," Rahul Gandhi writes in his letter.

Targeting the ruling party at the Centre for lying and making false promises of distributing cash for vote bank, Rahul wrote to voters that Amethi's strength is its "honesty, integrity and simplicity".

"It is my promise to the people of Amethi that the moment Congress comes to power at the centre, the schemes blocked by the BJP will be started soonest. On 6 May, vote in large numbers to bring back this member of the family," writes the Congress president, who has not been seen in Amethi this election season as much as his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who has always campaigned on his behalf in the largely rural constituency.

Gandhi also mentioned about “two ideologies” in the country - the Congress's that works for farmers, youth, the weak, women and small traders and that of ruling BJP which, he said, wants to work for 15-20 industrialists.

“The common people rule in the Congress "system", but "Anil Ambani is the boss" during the BJP's reign,” he added.

"With your love, I have tried to unite the country from north to south; east to west...My karmbhoomi Amethi's ideology is getting support from across the country," Rahul Gandhi said in his letter.

Amethi goes on polls in the fifth round of the national election on May 6.

Smriti Irani, who is encouraged to defeat Rahul Gandhi, has been often visiting Amethi and running an aggressive campaign there.

Amethi has voted Rahul Gandhi since his debut election in 2004. But the 2014 Lok Sabha elections witnessed much-reduced votes and vote share when the BJP fielded Smriti Irani against him. Irani has given the Congress chief reason to worry.

The BJP accused Rahul of choosing another constituency, Kerala's Wayanad, as he is afraid of losing Amethi.

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