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Don’t pay attention on the Opposition: CM to partymen

Published Dec 2, 2017, 6:35 am IST
Updated Dec 2, 2017, 6:36 am IST
We shouldn’t bank upon the weakness of the Opposition: TD president
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu
 Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu

Vijayawada: The TD chief and the Chief Minister Mr Nara Chandrababu Naidu said that the state government would give a suitable reply to the letter, written by the Union government over Polavaram.

Stating that Polav-aram is the lifeline of AP, he said that he would strive hard to complete the project. Speaking on the attitude of the Opposition, he said that by watching these sessions people have arrived at the conclusion that there is no need  for the Opposition party in the state. “My focus is on how many seats the Opposition has to lose in 2019, not how many we are going to win,” Mr Naidu told MLAs. 


He continued, “It is only our character that builds an image for us among the public or tarnishes our image among the masses, hence you should emerge as character-oriented leaders.”

Mr Naidu suggested to them, “When you mingle with the people of your constituencies, a confidence will be developed in you,” Mr Naidu said and cited the example of the Congress party which has a history of 132 years, and lost its base in AP. “Towering political families were washed away in the anti-people wave,” Mr Naidu recollected and added that his support would be extended to the party MLAs and public representatives as long as they protected the interests of the public and party. “I am not asking you to weigh rice bags. But you should visit every village, and assure the villagers that you are their leader,” Mr Naidu advised.


“Remember, our target is not BJP, our target is addressing the public issues, as fast as we can,” the TD chief explained. “If you keep 10 weak people around you, you also will become weak. Your secret of success should be allowing others to grow, while you grow,” Mr Naidu explained as to how to adopt the positive attitude.

“We are doing Real Time Governance. Now, we have to do Real Time Politics,” the TD chief told the MLAs. “Your urge towards achieving your goals shouldn’t die. Look at the Intintiki TD programme. I asked you to address the non-financial grievances, and similarly financial grievances should also be addressed on a priority basis,” Mr Naidu said. He suggested that they build health and education profiles for every village, which should be discussed in the Janmabhoomi and Maa Ooru programnes scheduled in January.


He suggested to them to adopt his thinking pattern. “I am thinking in such a manner as to drive the state.”

You should generate your own thinking process to develop your constituencies,” Mr. Naidu said and added that each MLA is equipped with different talents. “You are not robots. You can emerge as tall as you wish, if your thinking process goes in the right direction,” the TD Chief gave them a boost.

“You need not have any doubts over the victory of TD in 2019, not even 0.1 percent,” Mr. Naidu said and added that every day would be a test for them, in the coming one-and-a-half year. “In each test, you have to perform,” he clarified. “I won’t compromise on discipline and victory. The leaders who are enjoying positions should be in a position to bring in 10 votes, but not become a cause for losing 10 votes,” he categorically told the MLAs.


BJP leaders villains for Polavaram: TD

Minister for roads and buildings Ch. Ayyanna Patrudu alleged that Polavaram project is facing obstacles because of some ‘duplicate’ leaders of BJP in AP like the recently joined leaders D. Purandeswari, K. Lakshminarayana and K Sambasiva Rao. He said that the BJP led Union government writing a letter to its election ally the Telugu Desam government, urging it to stop the Polavaram project, was indeed very sad. The minister added that genuine BJP leaders were working for the development of AP state and for the completion of Polavaram project. 


Mr Patrudu was addressing the Chandranna Insurance Scheme Bonds distribution meeting at Piduguralla of Guntur district on Friday. AP Legislative Assembly Speaker K. Sivaprasada Rao, Gurazala MLA Y. Srinivasa Rao, district collector K. Sasidhar and others participated in the meeting. Mr Patrudu said that TD Government will clear all doubts of the Central government and will bring funds for the Polavaram project. He opined that there were some technical issues in the proposed project but they could be resolved. For this, the construction work of the project certainly did not need any closure.  


The minister said that the Centre should bear all the expenses of the Polavaram project. He said that TD will get good support from the public of 13 districts of AP after the completion of the Polavaram project.

The Minister reiterated that the TD government will complete Polavaram project at any cost. Mr. Sivaprasada Rao, Mr. Srinivasa Rao and other leaders also addressed the gathering and explained about the TD welfare schemes in detail.