Congress asks Centre to probe Mission Bhagiratha

2 October 2022

HYDERABAD: Responding to the debate over the Centre's awarding Mission Bhagiratha, the Congress described it as a major scam and demanded that the Centre conduct inquiry into all major projects and schemes which were undertaken by the state government.

Speaking to DC, Ponnala Lakshamaiah, the former irrigation minister, felt that as against the claims and hype created by the state government despite huge costs involved in the projects, none in the villages were drinking these waters.

“You can visit any of the villages and no one is drinking those waters. It is a huge scam, as close to `900 crore have been earmarked for supplying water to 300 villages in my area. You can assume where this money is going,” he alleged.

Earlier during the day he emailed Jal Jeevan Mission’s Director questioning the awarding in a sarcastic way. “Wish the director himself drinks the water supplied and the supply as against daily requirements of households,” he asked.

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