Badi Bata to be put in force from tomorrow in Telangana\'s government schools

The new programmes are expected to cost nearly Rs 7,289.54 crore to the state government

Hyderabad: Thousands of government schools across the state are set to witness a slew of activities with the department of school education issuing guidelines to teachers for implementing the flagship ‘Badi Bata’ and ‘Mana Ooru Mana Badi’ programmes from Friday. These programmes are expected to cost nearly Rs 7,289.54 crore to the state government.

The objectives of these programmes are to identify all children eligible for enrollment in schools in all habitations and enrol them in the nearest schools, increase the enrollment in government schools and provide quality education, strengthen government schools with the support of community participation, identify five-year-old children from the nearby Anganwadi centers and enrol them in government schools, update village education register (VER), enrol children who completed 5th class in upper primary school/high school and enrol children who completed 7th/8th class in high school, identify schools with low enrollment and prepare a special plan to increase number of students with parental involvement, prepare a plan to identify dropouts and enrol them in the relevant class according to their age and design a plan emphasising the importance of girls’ education so that all the girls are enrolled in the school.

Certain programmes are to be conducted from 7 am to 11 am every day under the ‘Badi Bata’ programme from June 3 to June 10, except on June 5 which is a Sunday.

On day 1, on Friday, Mana Ooru Mana Badi / Mana Basti Mana Badi programmes will be conducted. Schools will be decorated attractively so that the people in the habitats can recognise the importance of Badi Bata. Rallies will be conducted and pamphlets about the same will also be distributed.

On June 4, an English Language Enrichment Course (ELEC) programme will be conducted.

On June 6, a girl education programme will be conducted.

Special facilities provided for girls' education in schools will be explained (martial arts, life skills, for girls with special needs stipend etc.) Girls who have shown special skills or achieved best results will be awarded.

On June 7, Samuhika Aksharabhyasam programme will be conducted. Teachers will ensure the attendance of newly enrolled children along with their parents.

On June 8, Swachh Pathshala/ Haritha Haram programme will be conducted where all the classrooms will be cleaned by removing the waste material, school premises will be made more attractive, toilets and drinking water facilities will be regulated, brought into use and more.

On June 9, school management committees (SMCs) and parent teacher meeting (PTM) will be conducted. Under this, migratory workers and their children will be identified and efforts to enrol them in schools will be made.

On the last day, on June 10, enrollment of school dropouts and programmes for children with special needs (CwSN) will be conducted. Efforts will be made for 100 per cent enrollment and retention.

Schools which have been recognised under the Mana Ooru Mana Badi and Mana Basti Mana Badi programme might also have an inauguration ceremony which will see the presence of education officials, according to sources.

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