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Congress unhappy with BJP’s Dalit Prez pick: PM

Published May 2, 2018, 6:44 am IST
Updated May 2, 2018, 6:44 am IST
Mr Modi wondered how he could manage the administration when he was always found sleeping when people were facing problems.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi  (Photo: ANI/Twitter)
 Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Photo: ANI/Twitter)

BELAGAVI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi ended his day-long campaign with a blistering attack against Congress leaders who were distributing pressure cookers in several Assembly constituencies in the run up to elections on May 12.

Addressing a rally of about two lakh people at Chikkodi, he also charged that the ruling party had spin doctors who would attempt to mislead people with claims of a hung Assembly whenever its leaders sensed defeat.”The bhavishyavani of a hung assembly in the state is totally false. The BJP is set to get full majority in the elections,” he added. 


Recalling how the BJP chose a Dalit as the President of India after it came to power, Mr Modi said whenever the BJP got an opportunity, it chose a Dalit for the top post. Unfortunately, the decision of the party to elect a Dalit as President did not go down well with the Congress. The Congress was in power for more than 60 years but never answered whenever it had been questioned, he said asking how did it dare to seek answers from him.

Taking potshots at CM  Siddaramaiah, Mr Modi wondered how he could manage the administration when he was always found sleeping when people were facing problems. “Don't you (Mr Siddaramaiah) have any kind of responsibility. We are unable to sleep as we have so many responsiblities to fulfill as a government. I wonder how could your CM sleep so peacefully on public platform,” he said while urging the people to bring the BJP to power for a healthy change in the state.  People of Karnataka have got a chance to change the destiny of the state now. With the BJP government in Delhi having a full majority, it would be appropriate for people to help the BJP achieve full majority in Karnataka as well. “Once BJP gets full majority in the state, I will become answerable to you. Hold me accountable for everything after that. I will give the complete account of every small thing that is asked to me by people of Karnataka then,” he added. The PM highlighted a series of measures which he claimed his government implemented togive a new dimension to the field of agriculture. The government stopped a great deal of misuse of urea and a large scale corruption involved in the urea market, he said while stating that a special nilgiri coating of urea by his government helped stop its illegal supply to chemical factories. “The specially coated urea cannot be of any use to chemical factories and that only farmers can use it. Now tell me whether large scale theft of urea stopped or not due to this Centre's initiative. It also stopped corruption. It is one of the several measures taken by the Centre to give a new shape to agriculture sector,” he added. 


Location: India, Karnataka, Belagavi