CM Jagan discusses Nellore Rural ruckus, new incharge likely in two days

Vijayawada: Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy as president of the YSR Congress is attempting to end the internal bickering in the Nellore rural segment, where ruling party legislator Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy revolted against the party and the government.

The Chief Minister held talks with government adviser Sajjala Ramakrishna and others on Wednesday. The YSRC would dump Sridhar Reddy and might appoint another leader as incharge for the Nellore rural segment, party sources said.

Meanwhile, YSRC MLA of Udayagiri Mekapati Chandrasekhar expressed anguish over the party neglecting him in the constituency. He would take up the matter with the Chief Minister and other party leaders. He alleged that YSRC convener Dahnunjaya Reddy was intervening in various matters and working against him in the party and government.

Ramakrishna Reddy reacted to the case of Nellore Rural MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy and stated that after Sridhar Reddy decided to join the Telugu Desam, serious allegations were being made against him.

“What is the need to take action on Kotamreddy? Our government does not need to do phone tapping. Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy trusts the people and does not need to do any phone tapping."

Ramakrishna Reddy said no one has been appointed as the incharge of the Nellore rural constituency. He said the leader of Opposition N. Chandrababu Naidu “knows how to lure some people and is conspiring against the YSRC.”

Former minister and YSRC regional coordinator Balineni Srinvias said Nellore Rural MLA Sridhar Reddy is speaking as per the TD leader’s direction. Sridhar Reddy and Anam Ramanarayana Reddy were playing dramas as they have not been given the minister posts, he said.

He challenged Sridhar Reddy to prove that the phone was tapped and asked why this was not disclosed for so many days. A new in-charge would be appointed for the party in two or three days, for Nellore Rural, he added.

Former minister Kodali Nani refuted the allegations of Sridhar Reddy and said Chandrababu Naidu had such a habit. “Chandrababu offered the post of minister to Sridhar Reddy and hence the latter wanted to change the party. So, he made the accusations of phone tapping.”

Ex-minister Kodali Venkateswara alias Nani said CM Jagan Mohan Reddy was giving several posts to the weaker sections. “Sridhar Reddy would tell lies bluntly. Call recording from iPhone to iPhone is possible and the audio clip might be what was recorded through a call recording app, he said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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