GHMC polls: Many don’t get voters slips, not mandatory

Several MIM and BJP candidates also distributed voter slips in a printed manner, along with their pamphlets

Hyderabad: A large number of voters have not received voter slips in various divisions of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), even as late as Monday evening. However, in a few places, contesting candidates have stood up to take responsibility and distributed voter slips for the convenience of citizens.

In the Old City, a section of voters in almost all divisions confirmed that they did not receive voter slips even on Monday, while some voters said that they downloaded their voter slip from the official website of the Telangana State Election Commission.

Some MIM candidates got a gadget from a private firm, which can print slips containing details of all voters of a particular polling station. With the help of this gadget, they reached the doorsteps of voters and provided them with slips printed on the spot. Several MIM and BJP candidates also distributed voter slips in a printed manner, along with their pamphlets.

Residents of Goods Shed road, Nampally, complained that in their cluster of more than 50 houses, no one from the Election Commission or the GHMC had knocked on the doors. Me.They said that they had received the voter slips in previous elections, but not this time. However, they said they do not refrain from voting since their polling booth is located close to their dwelling.

Syed Arshad Ayub, Azampura division, said, “we have eight voters in our family. We did get voter slips neither from the Election Commission nor from any candidate. Usually, our polling booth is at the GHMC office in Chadarghat. We will franchise our vote, using either the voter identity card or the Aadhaar.”

Social worker Mohammed Abdul Akram said that educated people were able to download voter slips using different modes. However, the illiterate and poor voters do not take the extra effort to get voter slips. They may skip from voting if they do not get voter slips.

“It is very crucial to inform everyone that it is not compulsory to have a voter slip to vote. You can vote. Just go to your polling booth with relevant identity documents and vote,” headed.

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