Coordination Meeting: TD, JS Unite to Challenge YSRC

Tirupati: The Telugu Desam (TD) and Jana Sena (JS) parties in the undivided Nellore district would jointly launch a series of action programmes, including protests and meetings, from Nov 1 to raise public awareness against the policies and actions of the ruling YSRC.

The coordination committee of the TD and JS met at GPR Kalyana Mandapam in Nellore on Tuesday. It was presided over by Sk. Abdul Aziz, TD’s Nellore parliamentary segment in-charge and attended by former minister Amarnath Reddy and P Balakrishna, the coordinators of TD and JS respectively.

The leaders of the alliance emphasized the importance of working together and seamlessly without any irritants.

Addressing the gathering, Abdul Aziz highlighted the evolving nature of the electoral system. Experienced leaders and hardworking youths must lead the campaign against the YSRC rule. Coordination committee meetings would be held on a constituency basis, with leaders from both parties working together to organise meetings down to the booth level, he said.

He promised the Jana Sena that Telugu Desam leaders would support them at all levels.

JS coordinator Balakrishna echoed similar sentiments, referring to the alliance between TD and JS as a historical necessity for Andhra Pradesh. He stressed the urgency of defeating the YSRC in the upcoming general elections.

TD politburo member Somireddy Chandramohan, former minister P Narayana, Tirupati TD parliamentary constituency president Narasimha Yadav and Jana Sena leaders Chennareddy Manukranth Reddy, V Ajay Kumar, Gunukula Kishore, Sujan Babu and others were present.

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