Senior BJP leader Jithender gets schooled by Etala on good behaviour

HYDERABAD: BJP’s national executive member A.P. Jithender Reddy on Friday got schooled in responsible political behaviour by senior BJP leader and Huzurabad MLA Etala Rajendar. The MLA took the former MP to task over his tweet on Thursday that called for a kick to the state BJP’s leadership’s backside to make everyone fall in line.

On Friday, Rajendar was asked by reporters about the tweet and he replied saying, “I have no idea why he tweeted that.”

He then said, “Those who have age and experience on their side should be cautious. They should not shoot their mouth off, and must ensure that their behaviour does not insult anyone, or affect their freedom.”

While Reddy’s tweet went viral, and though he explained in another tweet that what he meant was that those opposed to state BJP Bandi Sanjay Kumar need a good whack on their back so they fall in line, it found few takers.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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