Wife Kills Her Husband With Help of Boyfriend, Arrested After 3 Years

Hyderabad: Police solved a 3-year-old murder case and arrested a woman and her boyfriend for killing her husband in 2021 in Panipat, Haryana.

Vinod Barada, the victim was hit by a Punjab-registered vehicle on October 5, 2021. He survived the accident but his legs got fractured. After two months, Vinod Barada was shot dead at his house in Panipat on December 15, 2021.

The probe revealed that Vinod's wife, Nidhi, and her boyfriend Sumit had conspired to kill her husband. First, they staged an accident in which he survived and later they shot him dead.

The issue was brought to light when Vinod's uncle filed a complaint in December 2021. He informed the police that after Vinod's accident, a case was registered against the driver, Dev Sunar, and he was arrested.

Dev Sunar, a resident of Bathinda approached Vinod for a settlement that he refused and later threatened him.

Sunar broke into Vinod's home on December 15, 2021, while carrying a pistol and shut the door from the inside, then shot Vinod in the head and waist. After being brought to the hospital, Vinod was declared dead.

A police official said that Sunar was imprisoned in the Panipat jail and the case was under trial in the court. Vinod Barada's brother from Australia recently sent a message via WhatsApp raising doubts about potential accomplices. The official assigned a team to reinvestigate by taking the matter seriously. The team went through the case file again and got permission from the court to resume the inquiry.

It was found that Vinod's wife, Nidhi, was often communicating with a man named Sumit, who Dev Sunar was in communication with. Sumit was taken into custody by the police on June 7 and, when questioned, admitted to having planned Vinod's accident and then having him shot.

Sumit claimed that he was a trainer at a gym in 2021 when he first met Nidhi, and the two quickly became friends. Vinod confronted them after learning of their relationship, which caused problems with Nidhi. After that, Sumit and Nidhi planned Vinod's murder by staging the accident.

According to the police, Sumit paid all of the costs to carry out the murder and made an offer of Rs 10 lakh to Dev Sunar. A loaded pickup truck registered in Punjab was given to Dev Sunar, who used it to attack Vinod in October. After Vinod survived the accident, they came up with a plan to shoot him. Under the guise of pleading for pardon, Dev Sunar was sent to Vinod's house after being bailed from custody and given an illicit weapon. Dev Sunar shot Vinod inside the residence on December 15, 2021.

Sumit was paying for Dev Sunar's legal defense and living expenses.

On Saturday, Nidhi and Sumit appeared in court and were then placed under judicial custody.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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