NVSS sure Modi Will Return with Strength

Hyderabad: Telangana BJP vice-president N.V.S.S. Prabhakar is confident of a positive mandate for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership and welfare schemes in the Lok Sabha elections. Prabhakar alleged that despite false propaganda by the Congress-led alliance, Modi's transparent efforts for the country's growth will resonate with voters. He cited mood and survey indicators suggesting BJP could secure over 370 Lok Sabha seats, with the NDA potentially crossing 400.

Prabhakar recalled past mandates against the Emergency, sympathy waves, and mandates for stable leadership under Atal Behari Vajpayee, as well as mandates against corruption during the Manmohan Singh government. He highlighted the 2014 mandate for change and protection of Indian culture under Modi's leadership.

Targeting Rahul Gandhi's proposed visit to announce guarantees, Prabhakar questioned the need for guarantees given the rejection of previous Congress promises. He criticised past Congress guarantees, alleging support for family rule, corruption, scams, nepotism, and appeasement policies.

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