Mindspace REIT Donates Rs 2 Crore for Dedicated Bharosa Support Centre

Hyderabad: Mindspace REIT on Tuesday said it had donated Rs 2 crore for the construction of a building dedicated to the Bharosa support centre for women and children that the police runs for victims of crime. A demand Draft for the sum was handed over to Cyberabad police commissioner Avinash Mohanty and Ramesh Kaza, secretary-general, Society for Cyberabad Security Council.

Shrawan Gone, chief operating officer of K. Raheja Corp, said that "Mindspace REIT's commitment to community service, particularly in empowering women. The new centre aims to provide a nurturing environment where women can seek redressal for various grievances.The building will offer specialised services, including counselling and legal aid, to support women affected by violence in various aspects of their lives.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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