Memes are not Pixels; They are Strategic Moves on Political Chessboard

Visakhapatnam: Social media has become a fierce battleground for political parties during the present election season in Andhra Pradesh. Parties are actively engaging young voters in these slugfests and online poster wars through abundant use of memes, slogans and eye-catching graphics.

Be it a witty meme or a hard-hitting graphic, each post aims to leave a lasting impression on the electorate.

“These memes are more than just pixels. They’re strategic moves on the political chessboard. Political memes have taken centre-stage among young voters during the election season.”

Since the poll season began in March, political parties have created hundreds of memes using the expressive Brahmanandam photos. These humorous and satirical memes cover various issues, from welfare and development to unemployment and corruption.

The satirical and sometimes offensive memes revolve around Tollywood comedians. Brahmanandam got the highest popularity and emerged as the god of memes. His expressive face and huge popularity make him a favourite among all sections of the people.

Pooja Sunkapaka, a first-time voter, says, “I like election memes. They are short and to the point and make me laugh. I like, in special, the memes that are made with Brahmanandam and Sunil.”

Comedian Sunil is also a favourite among the young voters. As the polling date approaches, young meme creators continue to widen their imaginations.

Dentist Savana Mohan says, “I follow political parties’ social media handles and pick up comedy stuff to share with my friends. Sometimes, a meme makes me read a full article in a paper on a particular issue, and then I learn about the seriousness of that issue.”

It's worth noting that the Election Commission has harnessed the power of memes to engage with voters, mainly the young and first-time voters. EC's use of memes, incorporating quirky lines or dialogues from famous movies, is a unique and effective way to drive home important voting and civic participation messages.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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