Maldives President Attends Modi's Swearing-In, Signals Diplomatic Reset

Hyderabad: Maldives President Muizzu's presence at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's swearing-in ceremony sparked speculation of a potential diplomatic reset between India and the island nation. Despite recent tensions and a perceived tilt towards China, Muizzu reiterated his commitment to prioritizing Maldives' interests over allegiance to any single country.

The move to replace Indian military personnel with civilian employees from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, as per Muizzu's earlier demand, underscores the nuanced approach towards balancing relations with both India and China.
While anti-India sentiments may have shaped domestic politics, Muizzu's pragmatic stance reflects the necessity of leveraging ties with both regional powers for Maldives' development aspirations.
( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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