Mahalakshmi scheme helps RTC ferry 50 lakh in 18 days

Hyderabad: The Telangana Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) earned a record-breaking Rs 340 crore in the Sankranti festival season. The season saw over 50 lakh passengers choosing RTC buses for their travel to their hometowns and back.

The success of TSRTC has been attributed to the Maha Lakshmi free bus travel for women scheme of the Congress-led government. Launched in December, the scheme not only provided free rides for women but also breathed new life into the struggling corporation.

To cope with the heightened demand during the festive season, the corporation introduced a dynamic fare system for premium services like super luxury and Garuda. This move, while ensuring availability, also contributed to the substantial earnings recorded by TSRTC.

On January 17 and 18, TSRTC collected Rs 45 crore in ticket fare, with an impressive occupancy rate exceeding 101 per cent. A significant portion of this surge in commuters was observed in buses bound for Andhra Pradesh. On January 17, earnings amounted to Rs 22.45 crore, followed by Rs 22.65 crore on January 18.

Comparing the cumulative revenues from January 1 to 18 last year, which were Rs 245 crore, this year's earnings have reached an unprecedented Rs 340 crore. The revenue was declared on January 18, with a staggering 50.6 lakh passengers choosing to travel on TSRTC buses.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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