Kharge Slams Congress Defectors Joining BJP, Calls for Unity Ahead of 2024

Bidar: AICC president Mallikarjun Kharge took a swipe at leaders who, having benefited from the Congress, are now aligning with the BJP. Speaking at a felicitation event in Bidar on Tuesday, Kharge expressed concern over the lack of faith in the party's principles among these leaders.

Addressing the gathering, Kharge emphasized the importance of supporting the principles they hold dear. He observed a trend of Congress members, including former ministers and chief ministers, joining the BJP.

"In several states where we emerged victorious, the government subsequently collapsed. This happened because those whom we elected lacked faith in the principles of the party, leading to the loss of governments. We witnessed a similar scenario in Karnataka in the past, and the trend extended to states such as Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, and Goa. While some departed for financial reasons, others pursued power. Some claimed an inability to tolerate their party colleagues. It's surprising that individuals who coexisted for 30-40 years are now facing difficulties. Those lacking courage cannot progress in life; strength is essential," he remarked.

He urged party members to stay united, emphasizing the importance of strength and courage in the face of challenges.

Kharge called for an end to differences among the partymen over trivial matters, rallying party workers and leaders for a bigger goal in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Kharge sought support from party workers to overthrow the Modi government and ensure Congress's victory in the upcoming elections. "For the existence of democracy and the constitution, you should vote for Congress. This support is not for any leader or individual but for your future," he added, accusing Modi, RSS, and BJP of manipulating democratic institutions.

Kharge criticized the central government for obstructing developmental projects in the Kalyana Karnataka region initiated by the Congress led government.

He drew attention to Modi's frequent attacks on the Congress and its leaders, attributing them to the party's strength and public support.

Kharge pointed out that Modi has been consistently criticizing the Congress and its leaders.

He remarked, "If Congress holds no significance, why would he target it? The strength of Congress intimidates him because people support us for our positive initiatives. The BJP and RSS, guided by their principles, aim to promote Manuvad, but we pledge not to allow that."

"We advocate the principles of Sri Basaveshwar and Sri Narayan Guru. Our faith lies in the constitution crafted by Dr. Ambedkar," Kharge added.

Kharge was felicitated on the occasion of the decennial celebration of implementation of Article 371J that addresses the development disparities and promotes the progress of Kalyana Karnataka (Hyderabad Karnataka) region.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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