Karnataka's 5-Guarantee Schemes Lauded for Poverty Reduction and Middle-Class Promotion

Governor praises successful implementation, lifting over 1.2 crore families from poverty.

Bengaluru: The State Government’s 5-guarantee schemes-Shakti, Anna Bhagya, Griha Jyothi, Griha Lakshmi and Yuva Nidhi came in for appreciation from Government Thaawarchand Gehlot on Monday in his joint session of both the houses stated that the 5-guanatee schemes have been successfully in reaching the beneficiaries and the scheme implementation has been effective 8 months of administration making Karnataka’s more than 1.2 crore families to come out of poverty line and rise to the middle class status.

“It is a global record that 5 crore people of the State will be promoted to middle class status by this one decision of the State Government,” said the Governor and stated that the State Government has observed significant changes indirectly in people’s lives through guarantee schemes. Gehlot stated that the success of the schemes could be gauged by the fact that a huge number of applications from the beneficiaries received and the schemes have provided solace to the people reeling under growing economic inequality.

The five schemes of the ruling Congress party include-Shakti scheme allows free travel for women in State owned buses, Anna Bhagya schemes provides 10 kgs of rice to BPL/Antyodaya card holders, Griha Jyothi schemes provides free power upto 200 units for a family, Griha Lakshmi is a cash benefit scheme giving Rs 2,000 cash to a female head of a family and Yuva Nidhi scheme provides unemployment allowances for graduates and diploma holders.

In his address, the Governor stated that the schemes are reaching the beneficiaries irrespective of one’s caste, region and religion and also without the interference of middlemen and lauded that the Universal Basic Income is being literally implemented by the Government.

While, the State Government is ready to implement more pro-people schemes but not enough resources are available from various sources, the Governor said the State Government is putting every effort to get its due share in tax share from the Central Government and currently Karnataka is ranked in the 10th place in terms of receipt of tax share while the State has been second among the States that collects highest tax in the country.

Governor also pointed out the delay in getting drought relief funds from the Central Government and stated Karnataka has submitted memorandums seeking financial assistance of Rs 18,171 crore from National Disaster Response Force and making all necessary efforts to release drought relief to alleviate the sufferings of the people.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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