Women's Day Celebrations Are A Cause of Dignity of Labour

Hyderabad: The Domestic Workers Union of Telangana State and Hyderabad Garbage Collectors Collective celebrated International Women's Day, at the Sundarayya Vignana Kendram (SVK) on Wednesday, with the theme 'Recognise Domestic & Garbage Collectors as Workers'.

The event brought together over 500 women domestic workers and garbage collectors which was attended by guests including Sandhya from POW, Justice Chandra Kumar, Prof. M. Kodandaram, Khalida Parveen Sajaya Kakarla, Dr Vanamala, and Deepak John, all of eho emphasised the urgent need to address challenges faced by the often-overlooked segments of the workforce.

Justice Chandra Kumar spoke about the absence of dedicated unions for domestic workers and garbage collectors despite their essential contributions to society. He stressed the importance of recognising their rights and humanity, echoing the principles of equality championed by Dr BR Ambedkar.

Sajaya Kakarla highlighted the diverse issues faced by working-class women, calling for the implementation of essential schemes such as the C189 convention to support domestic workers, while Khalida Parveen urged collective action to ensure the recognition of rights and fulfillment of demands in Telangana.

Dr Vanamala spoke about the significance of Women's Day as Labor Day, urging solidarity to secure rights and dignity for all workers.

Sandhya reiterated the historical struggle for women's rights, stressing the need for collective action through unions. The event also served as a platform for domestic workers and garbage collectors to voice their demands, including legal protections, affordable housing, social security measures, fair wages, grievance redress mechanisms, and dignified treatment.

With over 11 lakh domestic workers and 70,000 garbage collectors in Telangana, the event raised the pressing need for comprehensive reforms to ensure the well-being and rights of the essential workers.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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