TS Defends Taking Back 850 Acres from IMG Bharata

HYDERABAD: The state government on Thusday defended annulling of the 850 acres of land in Gachibowli to Billy Rao’s IMG Bharata Pvt Ltd way back in 2006. Advocate-General A. Sudarshan Reddy submitted the contentions of the state government in the petition filed by IMG Bharata, which has challenged the government’s decision to take back the land.

Sudarshan Reddy submitted before the High Court that the decision was backed by a state legislation and was duly approved by the then President. Further, the A-G said, the constitutional validity of the legislation could be challenged on the grounds of lack of legislative competence or violation of any of fundamental rights or any other constitutional provisions.

Sudarshan Reddy said that the sale deed execution handing over the land was done by a caretaker government in 2003 , which was a violation. Moreover, he submitted, the memorandum of understanding (MoU) was entered into on August 9, 2003, within five days of its incorporation too in respect of the huge extent of valuable public land without inviting any tender or holding a bidding process.

The A-G said the 400 acres of government property had been handed over Rs 50.000 per acre and for the remaining the price was Rs 25,000 per acre. He said that IMG Bharata was not obligated to pay any registration fees, stamp duties or any other levies in connection with transfer of ownership and registration of the land.

The bench, headed by Chief Justice Alok Aradhe, wanted to know if any prosecution had taken place against the officers, including the then Chief Secretary. The court adjourned the further hearing to February 28.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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