Neglected Yellareddyguda Road Affects Students, Shopkeepers and Locals

Hyderabad: A key road in Yellareddyguda, especially a 300-400-metre stretch extending from the Yellareddyguda Law College, has been in a dilapidated state for the past three months, making commuting hard for motorists and pedestrians.

Residents said that while multiple complaints elicited no response, the situation worsened when roads were further dug up to lay water pipelines. With authorities failing to re-lay the road after the work, the condition has been exacerbated, they said.

“We have been facing this issue for months now. Potholes and uneven surfaces make it difficult for us to commute. It’s affecting our daily lives, and we are tired of the authorities turning a blind eye to our problems,” said Anusha, who has resided in the area for many years.

Ravi, a commuter who studies at the law college, said, “It's disheartening to see our daily commute turn into a nightmare. The damaged roads not only delay our travel but also pose a risk to our safety. The lack of urgency in addressing this issue is disappointing.”

Residents said that a lack of upkeep has led to an increase in the number of accidents and instances of damage to vehicles, due to two-wheelers skidding or vehicles suffering alignment issues due to uneven road surface.

Local businesses were also hit by the poor roads, with shop owners along the troubled stretch reporting a decline in customer footfall, as difficult access dissuades potential buyers.

“Customers are hesitant to visit our shops because of the road conditions. This is affecting our livelihoods, and we need a quick resolution to this problem,” Kumar, a shop owner, said.

Another resident said: “Due to the terrible road conditions, vehicles can't navigate through this area, forcing us to park in the adjacent lane. It's turning into a daily hassle, creating a parking problem that adds to the overall chaos in our neighbourhood.”

Jayamma, an 80-year-old resident, said: “Despite repeated complaints, the local authorities seem unmoved. The negligence towards this stretch is hampering daily life and urgent intervention is needed to address the issue.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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