Fire officials suspect pressure led to reactor blast

Hyderabad: A day after an explosion at SB Organics Limited in Sangareddy, officials from the district fire department visited the premises to collect samples and determine the cause of the mishap. They suspect that the explosion may have been caused by heavy pressure inside the reactor.

District fire services officer Srinivas Veerabathini said that preliminary investigation suggested a buildup of pressure inside the reactor led to the explosion. While samples are being collected and workers are being questioned, initial findings indicate a temperature mismatch in the product being manufactured, resulting in a sudden increase in pressure.

The explosion killed six people including Ravi Sharma, director of SB Organics Limited, and Subrahmanyam, Suresh Paul, Dayalan, V. Ramesh, and Chakali Vishnu.

Reports suggest that director Ravi Sharma and other senior officers rushed to the reactor upon receiving information about increased temperature levels. Unfortunately, while they were inspecting it, the explosion occurred.

In response to the tragedy, health and medical minister Damodara Raja Narasimha talked to the management of SB Organics Limited.

Steps have been taken to provide Rs 40 lakh compensation to each victim's family and offer employment opportunities to eligible family members in a local private company. Additionally, Rs 1 lakh has been provided for the immediate cremation of the victims' family members at the minister's residence in Sangareddy.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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