AP enforces fishing ban to protect marine life

Vijayawada: The Andhra Pradesh government has announced a two-month ban on marine fishing along the state's entire coastline, effective from April 15 to June 14.

This 61-day ban applies to all registered mechanized and motorised fishing vessels with outboard motors (OBM) and inboard motors (IBM) operating within Andhra Pradesh's territorial waters. The Fisheries Department, led by commissioner A. Surya Kumari, emphasizes the importance of this measure in complying with Section 4 of the AP Marine Fishing Regulation Act (1994).

The primary purpose of the ban is to implement crucial conservation efforts during the breeding season of numerous prawn and fish species. By adhering to the ban, fishermen can contribute to a sustainable fishery and potentially experience better catches following the restricted period.

The Fisheries Department warns that violating the ban will lead to penalties for both fishermen and boat owners. The consequences include confiscation of boats and catches, hefty fines, and the potential loss of government benefits such as HSD oil subsidies.

To ensure strict enforcement, the Fisheries Department will collaborate with the Coast Guard, Coastal Security Police, Navy, and revenue officials for coordinated patrolling throughout the ban period.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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