Questions on Seizure of Knife Used to Attack Medak MP

Hyderabad: Medak MP Kotha Prabhakar Reddy’s gunman handled the knife used to stab the BRS leader on Monday, raising concerns among investigators as it is a vital piece of evidence.

A video came to light on Tuesday of the incident on Monday, in which the gunman was seen explaining how the attack occurred, and displayed the knife. The gunman was a witness to the stabbing, and the knife ought to have been handed over to the investigating officer for safe custody and sent for forensic examination. The gunman also received a cut injury in his right palm.

Investigators remained tight lipped on the seizure of the weapon, saying that all details will be revealed after the probe is completed. Forensic experts opined that if the weapon is not seized immediately after the offence and packed properly, it will lose its evidential value.

Due to the lapse of time, it will become difficult for the investigators to lift fingerprints, weakening the case. Moreover, If the blood stains or the DNA is not detected on the weapon, it could affect the case and could work to the advantage of the accused.

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