Monkey Menace Goes Unchecked

HYDERABAD: Citizens living in central areas of Nallakunta, Domalguda, Vidyanagar and Barkatpura are facing an array of issues, ranging from injury or life threat to disruption in daily activities, all due to uninvited visitors — simians.

Monkeys, in groups of 15-30, have been frequenting these areas in the recent past, and sometimes, turning violent, attacking residents. Residents said that in the best of times, monkeys open lids of water tanks, swim in them, break flowerpots and tear clothes hung out for drying.

“They are like trained goons. They enter homes, open the refrigerator, eat whatever is there, ransack the kitchen and make sure to destroy whatever they can before they leave,” said Mary Nalina, a homemaker living in Domalguda.

She also experienced the violent side of the monkeys. “They try to attack us, which is the scariest encounter I have had,” Nalina said.

Residents accused civic authorities of laxity, claiming that they, in turn, hire private agencies to capture the monkeys and release them in the Chincholi forest, at the Karnataka border, but that these agencies have failed to act.

R. Jason Swaroop, a victim of the monkey menace, said: “These animals are smart. On complaining to the GHMC, monkey-catchers installed cages on the terrace where they mostly play around. But once the trap was placed, the monkeys disappeared and returned after a few days. On the advice of experts, we tried bursting firecrackers too; twice, they ran away but now they do not bother to move even if we burst crackers close to them.”

Sai Charan, a Nallakunta resident, expressed concern over children being attacked.

“They are attaching children and women carrying vegetables. Last week, a lady, in panic, closed the door of her room when monkeys entered her house, not realising that a monkey had entered her room too. She was screaming as the door was locked from the inside.”

“In a nearby park, authorities placed monkey traps, but did not succeed in capturing them. These monkeys are smarter than professional catchers. Authorities should come up with concrete techniques. We want respite, and officials must ensure women and children’s safety,” Charan said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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