Tomato prices at Rs 200; Anantapur market takes upper hand in sales

ANANTAPUR: With the Madanapalle tomato market registering poor arrivals due to low production of tomatoes in the Tirupati and Annamayya districts, the tomato market in Anantapur has gained the upper hand.

However, prices continued to remain at record-high levels in the Anantapur tomato market on Sunday. A box of first-quality tomatoes was auctioned for nearly ₹2500 per crate. Sources said the scarcity would continue for a few more days.

With fewer arrivals at the Madanapalle market, traders from several parts of the region are coming to Anantapur to purchase tomatoes. In view of abnormal prices in the wholesale market, the retailers were selling tomatoes at ₹200 per kg and poor quality tomatoes at ₹150 in local markets.

“This was the first time tomatoes reached such abnormal prices, causing panic for the common man,” said K Bhasha, a vegetable shop owner. “I am purchasing only 10-15 kg every day to avoid loss. I am selling these with minimum profit,” he said.

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