Male elephant strolls into Parvathipuram railway station

Visakhapatnam: A male elephant from the forests strolled into the railway station in Parvathipuram on Sunday. Villagers saw the lone male elephant at the railway station early in the morning and they took pictures and videos of the elephant, on their mobile phones, and these went viral on social media.

District forest officials said a day ago that the elephant had separated from its wandering herd and issued an alert to the villages in the vicinity.

The Thotapalli barrage break water surrounds the villages of Jiyyammavalasa of Basangi mandal, Venkataraju Puram of Komarada mandal, Pata Nimmalpadu, Pata Bitrapadu, Kallikota, Pata Duggi, Gunanapuram of Parvathipuram mandal, Pata Markondiputti, Naviri, Erranna Gudi and Kotana Raminayuduvalasa of Garugbilli mandal.

Officials advised the people not to roam in these villages at night and early morning hours.

Manyam DFO Prasuna said, “The supervision of the forest department has been increased. More staff are doing night patrolling.” “There are two reasons why this happened. The female elephants are pregnant. They send the male elephant out of the herd. Sometimes, in the mating season, the male elephant gets separated from the herd and becomes lonely.”

“The male elephant is presently roaming around a distance of 50 to 60 km at night. The male elephant is not behaving in ways as to cause damage to the villages,” he said.

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