TTD contract barbers stage protest in Tirumala against Vigilance searches

Tirupati: Devotees who thronged the Kalyanakatta and other places in Tirumala to get their heads tonsured on Thursday faced difficulties due to a protest staged by the contract barbers working under the TTD.

Complaining that the staff of the vigilance and security wing were harassing them by frequent searches, the barbers urged the temple management to end this practice and take action against the errant. The protests were held at the main Kalyanakatta and mini-Kalyanakatta in the Pilgrims Amenities Complexes - I, II and III, Nandakam, Kausthubham and SV guest house.

According to sources, there were allegations that barbers were demanding money from devotees while doing the tonsuring. The TTD vigilance and security wing held searches at the main Kalyanakatta and other places in Tirumala in the morning.

While the contract barbers came out of their working places and staged the protests, the permanent barbers at TTD continued with the tonsuring.

Contract barbers alleged that the vigilance staff misbehaved with them during the searches. Male barbers alleged that they were forced to strip their clothes to ascertain whether they hid any money.

“They found nothing from the barbers, as none of us had taken bribes,” the contract barbers said.

The barbers also alleged that some top functionaries of the TTD are trying to intimidate them with ulterior motives.

There are about 1100 barbers in TTD, of which 750 are working under the contract system, while a few are extending free services in the name of Srivari Seva.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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