Reckless Auto Driving is Putting People's Lives at Risk

HYDERABAD: The recklessness of autorickshaw drivers is causing a serious threat as they are leading to accidents and causing inconvenience to bus passengers. Many of them, driving at dangerous speeds, abruptly change lanes or stop their vehicles, putting lives of passengers, pedestrians and other road users at risk. Most of the drivers give a damn to traffic rules.

Such irresponsible behaviour has resulted in several unfortunate incidents, like the one that occurred recently in Nizampet, where an autorickshaw driver recklessly stopped the vehicle at the bus stop and rammed into a woman waiting for a bus. Fortunately, she sustained only minor injuries.

What is a major cause of concern is that it is not just minor accidents that occur due to reckless autorickshaw driving. Some lead to serious hospitalisation.

About six months ago, a 56-year-old woman from Shapoornagar was hit by an autorickshaw driver while she was walking along the road. The impact was so severe that she remains in coma till date. Her son Srinivas Maroju said, “She was crossing the road when the incident happened. The autorickshaw driver escaped from the scene with no regrets. My mother underwent brain surgery and there are no assurances that she will be back to normal, any time now.”

The haphazard parking at some bus stops are adding to the problem of the commuters. The drivers often stop their vehicles in such a way that it becomes extremely difficult for passengers to board the bus, especially during peak hours.

Swapna, a frustrated bus passenger, said, "It's infuriating when an autorickshaw stops right in front of the bus stop and the driver keeps asking ‘kahan jana hai’. Because of the obstacles created by them, I have missed my bus many times.”

Swathi, who commutes from Indiramma colony of Bachupally to Maitrivanam every day, said “The frequency of the buses is another problem. If we miss one, we will have to wait for another hour to get the next bus. I can’t afford an auto every time. My punctuality is getting affected."

Senior traffic police officer G. Sudheer Babu said, “We have received several complaints earlier. Most of them have been sorted out in many busy areas. We will attend to the new complaints and resolve them.”

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