Odisha Cowherds Save 11 From Drowning in Flood Water

BHUBANESWAR: In an act of bravery, two cowherds at Kanhuguda village in Odisha’s Rayagada district on Friday rescued as many as 11 persons, including 10 women and a child, from drowning during a flash flood in a local river.

The brave-hearts were identified as Pradeep Majhi and Nabi Majhi.

Reports said as many as 10 women had gone to attend a meeting in a school which is located across the river. However, while returning to their villages by crossing the river, a flash flood in the water body occurred due to heavy rain on the hilly terrain. The women were swept away to a distance of around 200 metres in the gushing water.

The two cowherds, who were tending the livestock at a distance, heard the screaming of the women for help. They instantly jumped into the river to save the women and children. They asked the women to hold each other’s hand and stand firm against the current so as to ensure that not any of them gets carried away in flood water.

By this time a few villagers had gathered at the spot and they too joined the rescue mission. They all finally managed to save the lives of the women and the infant

The local residents praised the two cowherd boys for their bravery.

“It’s really praiseworthy the two youths risked their lives by jumping into the swirling flash flood water with a mission to save the lives of the trapped women. In fact, it’s not that easy to carry out such a mission in hilly areas where the speed of the water is unimaginably very high and there is every possibility of one getting stuck on the cavities of large rocks dotting beds of rivers and streams,” said Ramachandra Behera, a local resident.

The health conditions of all the rescued persons are reportedly stable.

As per reports, due to the absence of a bridge, hundreds of local residents are forced to cross the river in the area in dangerous conditions on a daily basis. However, no comments from the district administration could be obtained in this regard.

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