5-hour traffic holiday at Tank Bund sees life in full flow

Physical distancing norms too were thrown to the winds that were blowing over the Tank Bund from the Hussainsagar

Hyderabad: It was an evening of unprecedented freedom for people on the Tank Bund, the busy road that connects Hyderabad with Secunderabad. The city police shut the road for traffic at 5 pm for a five-hour traffic holiday at the popular hangout, and allowed pedestrians to stroll in the area and enjoy the evening out.

The entire has been renovated and beautified by the state government with imitation antique lighting fixtures.

This was the first time the Tank Bund was shut for traffic from 5 pm until 10 pm on Sunday. There unfolded a spectacle — of the people in their holiday bests streaming in. It was mostly families with children in tow making the most out of a pleasant evening.

After the long Covid-linked shut-down, this is time to unwind.

As the evening wore on, the arrivals increased. People could be seen taking pictures, clicking selfies, and picking up snacks sold by vendors in the area. Some families also brought in bicycles for their kids. The children enjoyed a free run of the place under the watchful eyee of the parents, while police personnel lurked around, presumably to maintain law and order.

Among the street vendors, many sold toys and fed the people’s appetite with corn and sugar cane juice. There were not many hawkers this Sunday, though; but that could change as word spreads about the five-hour traffic holiday every Sunday on the Tank Bund.

Despite the expectations of a Covid appropriate behaviour, of visitors to the holiday spot wearing masks, very few did so. Physical distancing norms too were thrown to the winds that were blowing over the Tank Bund from the Hussainsagar.

Though the atmosphere was pleasant and people were seen enjoying themselves, many were seen littering the place with empty plastic bottles and packets as the evening wore on. Some people also complained that there were no public toilets on the Tank Bund.

GHMC sweepers, who did not wish to be named say that people are surely happy to come and enjoy the view, but they littered a lot more than usual. They said that they had filled four to five dustbins within the first couple of hours.

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